Hey y’all! I’m Laurie Anne…

an avid ribbon hoarder, passionate creative & the owner of Plum Blessed Y’all Creative Designs.

I’m a native southerner and my happy place is when I am surrounded by glitter, flowers, and ribbons, and my creative juices are flowing towards designing something beautiful for others to enjoy. Personally, I’m drawn to the fun, funky, and whimsical side of life.

In 2013 I turned my creative passions into a wreath design business where I’ve steadily grown into a successful home décor business. I love helping homeowners add a delightful touch to their home’s front door or entryway and set the stage to greet guests, family, and friends into their homes.

The other side of my creative passion is a desire to share and teach others “how-to” DIY. As a creative entrepreneur, I want to help others tap into their creative side and learn all the ways to make cute, charming, elegant, and beautiful pieces they can enjoy for themselves or in their home, give as gifts, or even sell.  What I love MOST is seeing others enjoy the rewards of creating things themselves.  Watching creative individuals use their talents and imagination to make beautiful items they are proud of and enjoy for years is where my excitement comes from. It’s that excitement that fuels my passion!!

If you need a wreath on your front door or if you’d love to learn how to design your wreath…I can’t wait to help you!! You can shop online by clicking the shop button at the top of the screen or reach out to me by email at info@plumblessedyall.com

If there’s one thing I know it is this…the ability to create is a gift and a blessing. And, for me y’all…I’m PLUM BLESSED!!!!!!

Y’all take care for now…

Laurie Anne